Re: Variability of Cyp. 'Wouter Peeters'

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Abgeschickt von Bonaventure Magrys am 12 Juni, 2009 um 17:26:07

Antwort auf: Re: Variability of Cyp. 'Wouter Peeters' von Konrad Koch am 06 Juni, 2009 um 10:28:01:

I don't suppose that in many of the reginae crosses, where reginae is the mother or pod bearer, that reginae is dominant, rather, they may be reginae.

When I attempt to hybridize Cyps I always check for "virgin" stigmas - examining them for smearing of pollen from a cross-pollination. This is easier accomplished by choosing a freshly opened bloom and cutting off the lip with fine scissors. This action has the added benefit of preventing any further bearers of pollen from another bloom from visiting that flower. Then, of course, if the exposed stigmatic surface has no yellow smear on it, I pollinate. I further snip off the anthers afterwards to prevent accidental self-pollination.
This spring I did mostly crosses on select local native acaule. Thank you to all who donated pollen to me. But deer and the recently crappy weather here in New Jersey (USA) have taken their toll on pods that had formed and on my morale also...



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