Double flowers

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Abgeschickt von Ray am 12 Juni, 2009 um 05:52:38

I live just just to the east of the Rocky Mountains here in Alberta, Canada. There are quite a few native orchids...Cypripediums being fairly are Calypsos, Amerorchis and other genera.

I'm curious about 'double cypripediums'. I have lots of clumps of C. parviflorum, C. passerinum, and C. montanum. But only one clump of these has plants (a clump of C. parviflorum) with double flowers (one above the other). Is this double flower common in cultivated plants? All my clumps originated with wild plants.

I get lots of double flowers on my Calypsos and see double Calypsos frequently in the wild...but have never noticed them on wild Cypripediums except for the one location where I got my doubles from.

Is a double flowered cypripedium a genetic feature or is it a product of some other variable?


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