Re: Variability of Cyp. 'Wouter Peeters'

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Abgeschickt von Konrad Koch am 06 Juni, 2009 um 10:28:01

Antwort auf: Variability of Cyp. 'Wouter Peeters' von Friedrich Fellner am 04 Juni, 2009 um 09:01:32:

Here you can see a photo of my division of the same plant in 2008. I received 5 plantlets of the alleged cross fasciolatum x reginae (= 'Wouter Peeters') some years ago. In 2008 the plants developed huge flowers with a big pouch. Also the posture of the petals was not typical for 'Ulla Silkens' (see photo).

In 2009 the flowers again looked quite similar to 'Ulla Silkens' and the colouration was different. I can't confirm whether these plants are really 'Wouter Peeters'. However, they vary extraordinarily from year to year regarding flower size and colouration, the latter even within one flowering period!

I hope this helps



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