Re: Soil for Cyp. lichiangense

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Abgeschickt von Sven de Groot am 16 Mai, 2009 um 20:48:54

Antwort auf: Soil for Cyp. lichiangense von Peter Schulze am 16 Mai, 2009 um 14:48:47:

Hello Peter,

I grow the lichiangense in the "Uta von Rad"-way in a pot sunken into the ground. In this pot I've put different layers:

- drainage (hydro pebbles) on the bottom;

- then a 10 cm layer of my normal Cyp substrate, that contains 90% inorganics (pond substrate (=pumice?), seramis, quartz sand and hydro pebbles) and 10% organics (bark and firrmould);

- then a 10 cm layer that contains only inorganics. This is the layer in which the rhizome is growing;

- and finally on top a thin layer of quartz sand and a small amount of bark.

In winter I keep the plant dry(ish).

I also have a fagesii that I bought from Judith Prins. She grows all her Cyps (including fargesii) in her garden in the Netherlands without rain protection (!) in equal parts sand, perlite and unfertilised potting soil.



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