Re: Rotten shoots of 'Gisela' and kentuckiense

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 16 Mai, 2009 um 09:57:31

Antwort auf: Rotten shoots of 'Gisela' and kentuckiense von Sven de Groot am 16 Mai, 2009 um 09:39:09:

Dear Sven,

Both plants suffer from a fungus attack. However this is not as bad as it may sound.

Just remove the two rotten shoots of the 'Gisela' completely and leave the kentuckiense as it is (better remove the flower bud in order to keep the plant as strong as possible). Fungicides have never brought satisfying results for me and the damage of the two plants is not threatening. Only if a part of the leaves of the kentuckiense rotted worse, then remove it.

If all other factors of growth are OK, then such damages will not really harm the plants. And if the growing conditions were not good enough, fungicides would not prevent the loss of the plants on long term.

But your plants look OK as far as one can tell from the pictures. I would say these are minor irritations during the first year of growth at a new location. The plants should do better next year. If not, then something is not OK with the growing conditions.

Good growing!



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