Re: Cypripedium 'Karl Heinz'

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 12 Mai, 2009 um 23:01:10

Antwort auf: Cypripedium 'Karl Heinz' von Anthony Darby am 11 Mai, 2009 um 19:52:20:

Dear Anthony,

Congratulations, three flower buds on one stem is a sign of very good culture! It is within the potential of the hybrids (depending on the cross) to develop three flowers on a stem, but mostly two flowers. So it is extraordinary, but not abnormal.

Have a look at the new garden examples at my web site and you will see how strong the hybrid clumps can grow. Their potential is enormous and surprises me again every year.

So enjoy your hybrid plants and expect even more next year!

Happy growing



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