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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 05 Februar, 2001 um 17:34:09

Antwort auf: Re: In-vitro propagation of Cypripedium von Peter Corkhill am 25 Oktober, 2000 um 22:47:43:

I have had several people wanting more information on were to read these papers so thought it best to publish details for all to read on the forum.

You can obtain a copy of the Conference Proceedings - North Americam Native Terrerstial Orchids - Propagation and Production. March 16th and 17th 1996 from:-

North American Native Orchid Conference
14320 Poplar Hill Rd
Maryland 20874

The cost is $25 for either a paper copy or the CD which contains lots of colour photos as well as all the papers including the Cypripedium micropropagation papers I mentioned earlier.