Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (1b): Cyp.wardii

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 24 Maerz, 2009 um 22:06:45

Antwort auf: Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (1b): Cyp.wardii von Mark Johnson am 17 Maerz, 2009 um 04:49:44:

Dear Mark,

I don't fertilize that much. As i can remember, I fertilized it once a year, or when I haven't forgotten twice a year.
About the watering: I cultivate it in a inorganic mix with Seramis, Perlite, sand and garden earth (limerich). therefore my risk of a rotting plant isn't that high. I water them not really regularly. It depends on the weather, but if it is not raining I water it every day or at least every second day in summer time. I have it beneath an apricot tree, which it is really shady situation. And last I have it in my frost free glasshouse during winter time.
At the moment it is emerging and about have a cm in hight.

All the best



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