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Abgeschickt von Eric Wollenschlaeger am 23 Maerz, 2009 um 09:42:10

Antwort auf: Cypripedium seedling substrate von Arne Hückstädt am 18 Maerz, 2009 um 11:36:58:


For vernalisation I just put the seedlings (about 600 to 700 every year) in a plastic bag with a zip and rinse them with water every 2 or 3 weeks. This work’s very well and I never have looses.

For potting them, I use a mix of 3 parts pumice gravel 5/8 mm + 1 part Perlite + 0,5 part fine wood chips. Immediately after potting I add 2 gram Osmocote 11/11/18 - 8/9 months and mulch with pine needles (Pinus nigra).

I think every grower has his has his own recipe, but the mix must just be well aerated and free draining.


Hope this helps

Wollenschlaeger Eric


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