Re: Use of Turface MVP in beds for mature Cyps

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Abgeschickt von Peter Zale am 01 Dezember, 2008 um 23:03:44

Antwort auf: Re: Use of Turface MVP in beds for mature Cyps von Ron Burch am 29 November, 2008 um 19:25:56:


I have used Turface MVP as the main component in outdoor beds for adult cyps and seedlings for about 5 years. The results have been outstanding. I use about 1-2 parts Turface, 1/2 part coarse perlite (fine grade perlite contains too much dust and can cause rhizome rot if not mixed thoroughly and can be hazardous to delicate lung tissue if inhaled), and 1 part composted pine bark (any grade except the vary coarse nuggets will work). If using pine bark be sure to find pure pine bark as some of the finely ground mixes have shredded hardwood bark as a filler. The hardwood bark breaks down much more quickly and does not harbor the beneficial microorganisms that pine bark does.

There is a need to use "pure" water (rain or pond water) that has not been chlorinated or otherwise treated as salt accumulation can become an issue. I have found this problem to come about more quickly in containers than in the ground.

I would like to try Soil Perfector, but have not been able to find a source in central Ohio.


Peter Zale


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