Re: Turface / Seramis / Expanded Clay

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 30 August, 2008 um 08:41:04

Antwort auf: Turface/Seramis/Clay von Chris Edwards am 29 August, 2008 um 23:16:39:

Hi Chris,

I can help with at least a part of your question.

Seramis is burned clay with open pores (structure like a sponge), so it is capable of storing high amounts of water. In contrast, the pores of expanded clay used for hydroponic culture are closed and therefore cannot store water (only a bit on the surface). Turface seems to be a similar product to Seramis from USA.

So there is a big difference between Seramis/Turface on one side and expanded clay on the other, also regarding the culture of Cyps. I would use expanded clay only in the crushed form and not pure, just as a component of a soil mix. In this form they contribute to an open soil structure which Cyps like. Seramis is a good soil component for Cyps, however many growers don't use it because of the high price.

Kind regard



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