Pure white Cyp. reginae alba

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 13 Juni, 2008 um 07:52:40

Antwort auf: Re: My Cyp. reginae alba von Michael Weinert am 10 Juni, 2008 um 18:13:03:

Hi Michael,

I've attached a photo of one of my reginae albas from Hillside Nursery to show you the pouch from the inside is pure white. There is a total absence of colour regardless of outside temperature. Anything else in not a true reginae alba.

I've also noticed that reginae alba is a little different from reginae is the shape of the flower, smaller and narrower and the root system and crown is even different, growing not as horizontally.

Anyway, here is the picture for you and the forum.


Best wishes,



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