Cream colored calcicolum (ludlowii?) from China

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Abgeschickt von Camiel de Jong am 10 Juni, 2008 um 19:00:50

Dear all,

I promised Michael to write a contribution about a cream-colored calcicolum I found in Sichuan in 2007, near the Tibetan border.

In total I found 11 cream-colored plants scattered between normal colored variants. Interestingly, the plants in this population oozed pollen from their own pollinia onto their stigma and consequently selfing themselves. So I expect some inbreeding occurred in this population causing recessive traits to surface.

I sent the photos of the plants to Holger Perner and Phil Cribb. Holger reckons it's a white form of C. calcicolum. Phil tends to agree on that but also thought it might be the same plant that was described as C. ludlowii.

I'm not a taxonomist so I provided Holger with the exact location of the plants. I expect we will hear more from him when he has the opportunity to study the plants more closely. Meanwhile, I include some pictures of both white and normal plants for everyone to enjoy and to discuss.



All the best,



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