Re: Cyp. reginae alba from various sources

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Abgeschickt von Camiel de Jong am 10 Juni, 2008 um 18:38:19

Antwort auf: Cyp. reginae alba falls true from seed von Michael Weinert am 07 Juni, 2008 um 14:56:48:

Dear Michael,

This year I was lucky to have various reginae Alba seedlings reach flowering size. One was a kind gift of Peter Corkhill, others I raised from seeds kindly sent to me by Darcy Gunnlaugson and Bill Steele. A seedling I bought from Gerhard Raschun(?) also flowered truly white.

The plant from Peter Corkhill is truly white (at least this year). Plants raised from seed from Darcy Gunnlaugson showed some segregation: Some of the plants showed the faint pink hue as in your pictures whereas the others were pure white (50/50). A cross made by Darcy between his normal reginae and his white reginae flowered all with a light pink color and showed more vigor as compared to the white ones.

Seedlings originating from seeds from Bill Steele all flowered true to type and showed no pink whatsoever (see photo).

I know that the plants from Darcy and Bill are distinct. I don't know if the plants from Peter or Gerhard are distinct from either of the plants of Bill and Darcy.

This year I made various crosses between the different plants. It may be that these crosses also turn white. Alternatively, mutations may have occurred in different genes responsible for the pink color of reginae. If this is the case it is likely that the plants will complete each other and turn pink again.

Due to the different behavior of both genotypes I expect that mutations occurred on different genes. With the plant from Darcy it seems that the production of the pink color is not impaired but there's a mutation in the machinery controlling the activity of the genes. As the plant of Bill only yield pure white offspring I suspect that one of the genes directly involved in the production of the pink color is affected.

Anyway, at this stage this is only speculation but it's great fun to find out what's going on!

All the best,



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