Cyp. reginae alba falls true from seed

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 07 Juni, 2008 um 14:56:48

Dear Cyp enthusiasts,

It long has been discussed whether Cyp. reginae alba falls true from seed. Now we know it does. Please see below one of my flowering Cyp. reginae alba, the seedlings originate from Peter Corkhill (thank you again!). Please note that this strain develops a slight blush of pink on the lip in some years (right photo), presumably due to the temperature (like all Cyp. reginae). This year the lip was pure white (left photo). I like how this plant holds its petals straight.

I have been told that there are other strains of Cyp. reginae alba which never develop this pink blush.


Anyhow, enjoy!



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