Re: Soil without organic component?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 03 Juni, 2008 um 18:34:07

Antwort auf: Soil without organic component? von S. de Groot am 02 Juni, 2008 um 11:04:11:


In respect to Cyp hybrids I can say that the soil mixture does not really matter (thankfully!). I have seen them growing even in dense clay where I would have lost every bet that they would only survive (these 'Gisela' plants were the best in the end!). It is only important that the soil is free draining and not too dry during summer (Cyps love a medium moisture).

Species are much more demanding and then Werner Frosch's recommendation brings you on the safe side of cultivation. But don't make too much hassle around your Cyp hybrids. They only make fun, not work!

A dealer in the Netherlands for my plants is (Nis van der Horst), or ask Edrom Nurseries in England (, they hold the full program of my hybrids.

Happy growing



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