Re: Soil without organic component?

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Abgeschickt von Stephen Vella am 03 Juni, 2008 um 03:27:40

Antwort auf: Soil without organic component? von S. de Groot am 02 Juni, 2008 um 11:04:11:


Yes this is correct and this avoides any chance of bacterial attacks to their roots, its the safer alternative and very free draining.

Adding 10% as a general rule for potting mixes is ok, like coir, decomposed bark and wood chips for all cyps (for me). In the open garden, if you garden in clay make it more free draining with sand, perlite,seramis and gravel in your planting hole. If you garden in sand make it more moisture retentive by adding coir, seramis decomposed wood chips/bark. Hybrids tend to be more hardier and do even better in the open garden. Adding 10% organics. Most growers agree to adding a little decomposed pine needles or leaves on top for pots and in the open garden as the roots tend to grow through this in search of nutrients and moisture and keeps their roots cool.

In the wild most Cyps tend to grow on very free draining media that's inorganic with only some humus and orgaic litter slowly decomposing on top. There are so many recipes out there for specific species, im sure some growers out there would like to add?


Stephen Vella


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