Re: Cyp hybrids for the production of the homeopathic remedy "Cypripedium"?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 02 April, 2008 um 08:58:39

Antwort auf: Chemical formula of Cypripedin? von Bonaventure Magrys am 02 April, 2008 um 00:09:16:

Dear Bonaventure,

Combined with your topic it would also be interesting whether roots of Cyp hybrids(!) would be a good substitute for the production of the homeopathic remedy "Cypripedium pubescens".

Every now and then pharmaceutical companies ask me for big quantities of Cyp. pubescens roots. This demand is impossible to fulfill out of artificial propagation. Cyp hybrids (e.g. 'Gisela') would be a better source - much more vigorous and out of any doubt regarding nature conservation.

However these companies haven't made any research whether this substitution could be made. So they refuse to use roots from my nursery.

It would be a good topic for any researcher who is interested in it.

Kind regards



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