Re: Taiwanese Cypripediums

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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 28 November, 2007 um 07:30:25

Antwort auf: Re: Taiwanese Cypripediums von Lukas Hunziker am 27 November, 2007 um 13:55:09:


Honestly I have no idea if it is found in Japanese collections either. I live in the southern part of Japan, and people just don't have Cypripedium collections here (except for me!). From what I've seen on the "Japanese side" of the web, I would say it is very rare in Japan as well. There are lots of Chinese mainland plants, some from Korea, and of course domestic ones, but none from Taiwan that I've seen.

Interesting about the dry winters given the extremely wet lowlands. At those elevations I'm sure the winters are quite cold despite the southern latitude that they occur. Likewise the summer highs must also be relatively cool.

Thanks again for the post.



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