Cypripedium acaule

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Abgeschickt von Gerhard Stickroth am 17 November, 2007 um 10:15:28

I received several rhizomes of C. acaule and need some additional advice in planting. I did read all the articles listed in the forum, especially the report by Michael Vaughn, which was very helpful. Somewhere I read that acaule also grows in pure sand covered with pine duff. I have some very acidic coarse sand with a pH lower then 4. I lowered two 25 Gal plastic containers into the ground with good drainage. Covered the bottom with about 10" of spuce duff and added 15" of that sand. I am planning on sticking the roots into the sand leaving the growth bud above the sand and cover that with about 4-6 " of pine duff. 

Any comments and advise is appreciated.



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