Re: Root Pruning

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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 05 November, 2007 um 09:02:53

Antwort auf: Root Pruning von Gerhard Stickroth am 03 November, 2007 um 13:07:47:

Dear Gerhard,

In my opinion root pruning should be avoided. In general, the roots of Cyps don't branch although some individual plants do. By pruning the root, the root tip is removed. This tip takes up quite an amount of the required nutrients for the plant, in particular phosphate, that is also needed for root growth. As Cyp roots don't branch, no new roottips are formed on that root. Moreover, the wound caused by pruning will form an entry point for pathogens and the entire root will eventually die off altogether. Plants that haven't any roottips will fail to take up sufficient phosphate for the production of new roots and will eventually die. In case the roottip is already gone, the root might be pruned further but remember that the roots of Cyps also have the same function as bulbs have for tulips, that is, storage of nutrients. The take home message is to avoid root dammage as much as possible. If the plant doesn't fit in a pot it's better to divide the rhizome as so well described by Michael so that all the roots will fit in but in more pots.



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