Re: How to divide Cypripediums

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 16 Oktober, 2007 um 17:15:29

Antwort auf: Re: How to divide Cypripediums von Daniel Hanspach am 16 Oktober, 2007 um 17:14:27:

Dear Daniel,

The only factor I take into account is that the plant has gone dormant or nearly dormant (yellow or brown leaves). That's all.

Smaller clumps of 4-5 shoots can be divided in exact the same manner except if they are in a very bad state with only a few roots left. Then the sum of all roots counts for the nutrition and the supply of water for the rhizome. Only then I would not divide a clump as one division might have too few roots afterwards. But if a rhizome is in a critical state and there are enough roots for both divisions, I would divide it in order to diminish the risk of a total loss.

Best regards



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