Re: How to divide Cypripediums

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Abgeschickt von Bill Steele am 15 Oktober, 2007 um 20:53:40

Antwort auf: How to divide Cypripediums von Michael Weinert am 13 Oktober, 2007 um 09:41:59:

Dear Michael,

Your excellent exposition on dividing Cyp clumps is a wonderful bit of instruction! This page will be a good resource to which I can refer the people who write me with questions about dividing plants. As you describe, a lot of Cyp species seem eventually to stagnate in growth, and big clumps stop adding new shoots.  Then it is definitely time to divide!

So far, I have not had a problem with large clumps of my own dying from fungus, but I did almost lose a large pubescens with ~40 flowering stems when a vole ate all but two of the shoot buds one winter. If I had divided that clump, the vole might have gotten one of the divisions, but chances are the others would have flourished. My plant did survive, but it will take years for it to come back to its former glory, if it ever does. I am in complete agreement with your philosophy of dividing large clumps.

Best regards



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