How to ship Cypripediums

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 14 Oktober, 2007 um 06:05:30

Antwort auf: Re: How to divide Cypripediums von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 14 Oktober, 2007 um 06:02:59:

Dear Darcy,

Thank you for your positive comment and additions. As you requested, here is my method how I successfully ship many Cyps every year. Perhaps I should stress the fact that I ship only during dormancy, end of September until end of October. During this time you have no risk of frost and the plants are dormant which makes them less susceptible to stress factors during shipment.

The rhizomes are thoroughly cleaned with cold tap water, like illustrated in my previous posting about the dividing of Cyps. It is important that they are completely free of soil, especially of organic matter. Then they are just packed slightly moist into freezer bags, which are not being sealed, just turned down. This, I assume, is especially important when you ship by air mail, because the air pressure changes dramatically during the shipment. 

I don't add anything to the plants! I even check that there is no excess water in the plastic bags because this would enhance rot. If one wants to send only one rhizome in a bag, the water reserve can be too little if it is a small rhizome with only a few roots. Then I add a spoonful of moist perlite to the plant (no organic material, it can cause rot!). That's enough and mostly even not necessary. However it is important to use freezer bags, because normal, thin plastic bags are slightly permeable for water and after some time the root tips might dry out and die. 

My plants are regularly on the way from one to three weeks all over the world and there haven't been any problems so far. The only exception is when the plants are not completely healthy. The more stressed a rhizome is, the more it will suffer during the shipment. Brownish roots turn darker, brown spots will get soft and bigger, both on the roots and on the shoot buds. Only then the duration of the shipment really matters. I once had a parcel which had not reached the recipient, coming back to me after six weeks. The rhizomes were fine!


Best regards



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