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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 14 Oktober, 2007 um 06:02:59

Antwort auf: How to divide Cypripediums von Michael Weinert am 13 Oktober, 2007 um 09:41:59:

Hi Michael,

That is an excellent step by step presentation, well constructed and concise. One might add that dividing in July and August is usually a very bad time to follow this procedure, and dormancy (see dead foliage in photos) is the proper time... It has been inopportune in late July and August during the only time I was required to divide them, as I was lifting cyps to finish concrete beds that needed to be done before rains came.

I have also found that replanting divisions at my own place is nearly 100% successful when done when and like you have illustrated, but often an identical division from the same procedure sent to a friend far away, will either come up and then die, or simply die. So a follow up photographic journey on how to prepare and mail such an item (your success rate is high) might be of an advantage. I use fresh barely moist sphagnum but it does not always work although it was advised by old timers. I believe your method is to rinse and then send with a tiny drop of water in an empty plastic bag?? In any event if would be a good companion piece to post as I am sure it would save many cyps that are yearly mailed from friends to each other, which do not make it because of the packaging and the transit ordeal and not from the division method.

The only other problem that I have seen with divisions is long transit times which often translate as proportional to loss. The longer the time, the greater the chance of loss.

Like you I have found using a knife is a last resort and that working the rhizome back and forth carefully finds a weak point for natural division, and then again and again, for smaller and smaller pieces.

Perhaps a note not to short root when digging might be helpful in the early photograph (i.e. note that these roots have not been accidentally short rooted by digging to close) as that is also a problem with some people.

Best regards



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