Re: Garden culture in Northern Italy?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 07 Januar, 2001 um 10:29:13

Antwort auf: Garden culture in Northern Italy? von Claudio Severini am 07 Januar, 2001 um 10:27:01:

Dear Claudio,

The climate of Northern Italy should be OK for Cypripedium hybrids. Cyps only don't like the Mediterranean climate with long periods of temperatures above 30°C in the summer and low humidity of air and soil. During winter they don't need a snow cover and temperatures below +5°C are enough for their dormancy. If you plant them on the North facing side of a building or in the shade of a tree you can be sure that they will grow well. Keep the soil slightly moist during dry periods in summer and fertilize regularly. That's all!

Good luck with your orchids