Re: Two different types of Cyp. 'Princess'

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 25 Juli, 2007 um 09:46:46

Antwort auf: Re: Two different types of Cyp. 'Princess' von Lukas Hunziker am 21 Juli, 2007 um 09:13:20:

Dear Lukas,

Of course errors can always occur. However to my best knowledge (and I have checked this again) the two plants on the pictures are sisters from the same capsule. Svante Malmgren has produced this hybrid only once and the other grower has not received 'Dominique' from anybody. So a mixing up is not very likely.

The best would be if anybody who gets green-leaved 'Princess' to flowering takes pictures and publishes them here (for publication please send them to the webmaster, Then we will see how they look like.

I have seen many flowers of hybrids in the meantime, with so much variation, that I don't dare any longer to determine a hybrid just from the appearance of the flower. Even from year to year there is such a lot of variation within the same plant! You would not believe that it is the same specimen. This is especially the case with 'Ulla Silkens', also a reginae hybrid.

The topic "Cyp hybrids" remains exciting and full of surprises!

Best wishes



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