Re: Two different types of Cyp. 'Princess'

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 21 Juli, 2007 um 09:13:20

Antwort auf: Re: Two different types of Cyp. 'Princess' von Michael Weinert / Svante Malmgren am 16 Juli, 2007 um 13:46:54:

Dear Michael,

I am wondering if there is the possibility that your plant is a Cyp' Dominique' (reginae x formosanum)? It doesn't look like a 'Princess' to me. First of all, there are the leaves, that have too few hairs. Further the slightly greenish sepal, the striped lip and the very few spots on the lip. So I am thinking that this is not 'Princess', that is a 'Dominique'.

All the best



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