Re: Early Dormancy

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 19 Juli, 2007 um 07:58:02

Antwort auf: Early Dormancy von Gerhard Stickroth am 18 Juli, 2007 um 13:26:26:

Dear Gerhard,

Don't worry, also in my collection the macranthos pots and macranthos hybrids show signs of dormancy now. But this is not due to the hot weather, it comes from the cold (down to 7°C), rainy period at the beginning of July. Cyp. macranthos reacts with early dormancy on cold periods during summer, obviously an adaption to the climate in its natural habitat. The new shoot buds for next year have already been developed well enough at this stage. So there is no disadvantage for the plant. No need to worry!

A word of warning: If other species than macranthos or non-macranthos hybrids show signs of dormancy in mid-July, it is a sign of stress! The most frequent causes then are bad roots or too much heat, sun or drought.

Happy growing



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