Re: Two different types of Cyp. 'Princess'

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert / Svante Malmgren am 16 Juli, 2007 um 13:46:54

Antwort auf: Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (19): Cyp. 'Princess' von Michael Weinert am 19 Juni, 2007 um 08:32:37:

Now exists some proof for my assumption that there are two different types of Cyp. 'Princess'. The photos below show flowering seedlings from the same capsule, sown by Svante Malmgren. The left plant (with spotted leaves) was grown to maturity by himself, the other one (with pure green leaves) is a seedling which he kindly gave to another grower in 2001 after deflasking. Both flowered for the first time this year.


Svante Malmgren explains the left photo:
"The single flower of Cyp. lichiangense x reginae was a little damaged by all the rain (24 days in a row!), but there is a photo anyway. It took so many years to flowering, so I can´t say it is a commercial hit... I think I just had 10-12 plants in soil (didn´t sow all seed). Some grew to totally normal C reginae(!), some hybrids had normal green coulor of the leaves, some - including my remaining plant - had a lot of small spottings on the leaves (slowly disappearing during summer, but can be seen on the photo). I have finally kept just one plant, which increases in number by division every year, now 5 or 6 stems. Other seedlings of this batch have not yet flowered as far as I know."

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