Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (20): Cyp. 'Bernie'

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Abgeschickt von Bonaventure Magrys am 06 Juli, 2007 um 13:06:26

Antwort auf: Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (20): Cyp. 'Bernie' von Lukas Hunziker am 24 Juni, 2007 um 11:09:52:

Hi everyone,

My speculations on this type of breeding are: 

1) save the pollen from the bloom and backcross to reginae, or the more vigorous parent, or even another (similar) proven vigorously growing species or hybrid. Heck, there is enough pollen in two pollinia to spread out and do these all, even a backcross to the other parent, eg. lichiangense or fargesii. Do not self the bloom or put pollen on the shy-to-bloom original like Bernie or Princess as this may stress it too much, just use all of its pollen.

2) Try cultural conditions like for the fargesii or lichiangense.

3) Intra- rather than inter-sectional lines of breeding. I would like to see a lot of lichiangense type (sorry, forgot the section name) on Cyp. acaule. Please send me pollen before Mother's Day next year.

Thank you,

Bonaventure Magrys


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