Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (19): Cyp. 'Princess'

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 19 Juni, 2007 um 08:32:37

Antwort auf: Photos of extraordinary plants (19): Cyp. 'Princess' von Tom Velardi am 19 Juni, 2007 um 08:13:16:

I have seen several seedlings of Cyp. 'Princess' and the majority of these have pure green leaves like reginae, only a few have the spotted leaves like the plant on the picture (which is a fantastic type, no question!). I wonder whether the flowers of these different leaf types would look different, especially as many reginae crosses produce flowers which look pretty much like pure reginae (as already discussed in this forum). However this is only a question, as I don't have seen any green-leaved plants of 'Princess' flowering.

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