Photos of extraordinary plants (19): Cyp. 'Princess'

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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 19 Juni, 2007 um 08:13:16

OK, here is something that probably none of you will ever see in flower in person (self included), Cyp. 'Princess'. This is one of the first Cyp hybrids to be registered by the pioneer grower Carson Whitlow in 1995. It is a primary cross between two very unlikely parents: Cyp. reginae from North America and Cyp. lichiangense from Yunnan, China. The naming of this hybrid had a couple twists and turns as well: at first it was registered as Cyp. 'Fantasy' with Cyp. margaritaceum being the Chinese parent, but that plant was identified as Cyp. daliense at the time. Cyp. daliense was subsequently reclassified as Cyp. lichiangense and had to be reregistered under the new name Cyp. 'Princess'.

And here she is in her full beauty:

This plant is in the private collection of Judith Prins of Belgium and the photo is also hers. She has a lovely hardy orchid nursery and cultivates a number of Cyps as well as several other European and Asian terrestrial orchid genera. Yes, she does have this one for sale as well. You can contact her through her site.

Word to the warning though before you get all "hot in the shorts" about this hybrid: it is notoriously difficult to flower. I know of one extremely experienced grower who has owned a very robust plant for over ten years now and it refuses to bloom! Still, what an amazing hybrid.



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