Labs for potyvirus testing

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 11 Juni, 2007 um 16:51:01

Dear fellow Cyp enthusiasts,

There had been a discussion about potyvirus infected Cypripediums on this forum. Several plants tested positive, so this is really a possible threat for our collections, especially when not recognized.

Darcy Gunnlaugson told me lately that the thread about the potyvirus had never been finished, i.e. no addresses had been named where plant material could be tested for potyvirus.

After some enquiry (many thanks to Camiel de Jong and Barry Tattersall for their starting help) I am able to list a few labs where a private grower can have his plant material tested. Especially in the case of valuable plants this is better than destroying the plant just to be on the safe side.

Switzerland (conversation in German and English): Here is their brochure with helpful information as a pdf file in German and English
England:, e-mail

At least for Bioreba and CSL it is possible to send infected plant material even from foreign countries. However you should contact the labs before you send any plant material.

Please be aware that a problem with testing for potyvirus is that it's highly instable. Leaving the material for too long may result in false negative results.

I hope this helps



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