Temperature too warm for Cyp. guttatum seedlings?

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Abgeschickt von Robert St-Jean am 04 Juni, 2007 um 14:10:12

Dear Cypripedium enthusiasts,

I'm looking for some advice on growing C. guttatum seedlings.

I have not had any difficulty growing this species on culture medium over the last three years. My problems occur after I deflask them. I've potted some in 1/2 sand and 1/2 perlite and a bit of composted bark, others in 1/3 turface, 1/3 chicken grit and 1/3 composted bark. I water them with rain water only. They all did fine for the first few weeks and then all their leaves turned black and I lost them. The first year I tried these in my basement plant room. The temperature got to 28°C during the day and 18°C at night. They all died. Another year I grew some in front of the basement window at a constant 16°C and they survived a little longer but eventually their leaves turned black as well. I had placed shade cloth in front of the window since to protect them from a few hours of morning sun. It still did not work and the temperature was much cooler at this location. The last thing I tried was planting seedlings outside. I lost all seedlings when it started to get hot outside, around 26°C and warmer.

Could this species be too sensitive to heat to grow in my conditions and can anyone who has had some success offer some advice?

Thank you,

In Cantley, Quebec, Canada


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