Re: first-time orchid sower here

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Abgeschickt von Lorna McHardy am 31 Mai, 2007 um 11:46:35

Antwort auf: Re: first-time orchid sower here von Ross Kouzes am 30 Mai, 2007 um 17:00:07:

Hello Ross,

<<What part of the world are you in that Cyp californicum is the most available Cyp seed? :-)>>  Scotland :0)   My mother brought these seeds home from a seed excange, where she got them for a song, I think! That's what triggered me deciding to do the job properly :0))

<<Cyp californicum will germinate with a range of bleaching times.>>  That's interesting... especially as all the references I've found so far specify 5-10 minutes! Maybe I should do two batches... I'm fascinated by the different and contradicting information out there... this stuff is really still very much in development, isn't it?




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