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Abgeschickt von Ross Kouzes am 30 Mai, 2007 um 17:00:07

Antwort auf: Re: first-time orchid sower here von Lorna McHardy am 26 Mai, 2007 um 22:31:00:

Hi Lorna,

What part of the world are you in that Cyp californicum is the most available Cyp seed? :-)

"Well, I've got some seeds here of Cyp. californicum..." - Cyp. californicum will germinate with a range of bleaching times. I've had some germination (very long delay) with 45min, and very good germination at 1h30m to 2h. The best way to tell when your particular seed is done is to watch the embryo change color. Cyp seed will often darken for the first 45 minutes and then gradually lighten. When the embryo is creme colored, usually this indicates a completed bleaching time. On media, I recommend something like Phtyotech's T839 + 0.2g/L NH4NO3 + 1/2cm^3 chunk of raw potato for every 25mL of mix. This is what Bill Steele often uses for californicum and has recommended it to me. I've also had good success on it.

"...but there's no way I'm going to be able to resist opening it to have a look at them at least once a week!" - That's fine. Just make sure your "visits" aren't too long or too bright ;-)


Ross (in Portland,Oregon)


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