Cyp reginae flower without lip

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Abgeschickt von Rik Schoon am 28 Mai, 2007 um 18:08:58

I thought it might be interesting to show you a Cyp. reginae without a lip. I know that this kind of abnormality sometimes occur. It occurred only once (2006) in a very healthy and large clump of reginae´s. A large proportion of them even flower with two flowers on a stem.

In my cyp garden I have 14 species of which only kentuckiense and farreri flower irregularly, the others all bloom every year (californicum, reginae, macranthos, calceous, flavum, parviflorum, parv. pubescens, Ulla Silkens, Irene, reginae x tibeticum, x ventricosum, fasciolatum). This is my sixth year as a cyp gardener, so cyps aren’t always the difficult plants that we think they are. Most of the plants I´ve bought at Judith Prins Tuinorchideeën and all are artificially propagated.

With kind regards

Rik Schoon


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