Re: first-time orchid sower here

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Abgeschickt von Lorna McHardy am 26 Mai, 2007 um 22:31:00

Antwort auf: Re: first-time orchid sower here von Ross Kouzes am 25 Mai, 2007 um 06:57:17:

<<First, I assume that you will be sowing Cypripedium seed!>>  Yes :0) I'll probably try some Dactylorrhiza as well, but yes, Cypripedium.

<< If your lab technique is good, you don't need a hood. Otherwise, anything that limits the airflow down into the flask is a plus. I don't know about Virkon or expensive setups. I sow all my seed on the kitchen counter ;-) >>  Wow. You must have an incredibly clean kitchen :0)

<< First of all, "how long" depends Greatly on which species you are doing! >>  Well, I've got some seeds here of Cyp.californicum... I won't be able to get seed from ours until next year, so I'll start with that one.

<< Even very dim light considerably lowers germination.>>  Ok, black box it is, but there's no way I'm going to be able to resist opening it to have a look at them at least once a week!

Very helpful, thank you!



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