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Abgeschickt von Ross Kouzes am 25 Mai, 2007 um 06:57:17

Antwort auf: first-time orchid sower here von Lorna McHardy am 22 Mai, 2007 um 11:43:44:

Hi Lorna,

I can help with a few of your questions. First, I assume that you will be sowing Cypripedium seed!

"I have access to an autoclave but no control over the settings... will this do for the flasks?" Autoclaves are usually set to 1atm, and for flasks, it needs to run for about 15-20 minutes. If these are approximately the settings, then it should be fine.

"I don't have a laboratory or the means to invest in stuff like flow cabinets..." If your lab technique is good, you don't need a hood. Otherwise, anything that limits the airflow down into the flask is a plus. I don't know about Virkon or expensive setups. I sow all my seed on the kitchen counter ;-)

"For treating the seed before sowing, I've found references to NaHypoclorite, CaHypochlorite, and Hydrogen Peroxide... which and for how long?" First of all, "how long" depends greatly on which species you are doing! Not to mention variation within species. Average Cyp bleaching times for me are from 40min to 3hrs, depending. Second, bleach is a ~6% NaOCl solution and Ca2(OCl) should be available at a pool equipment store... Household Clorox Ultra is diluted 10 times to 0.6% NaOCl solution and used to scarify Cyp seeds. You can use H2O2 as a rinse, but overall, it isn't strong enough to destroy the seed coat.

"Final question: once sown, how much light, and will room temperature do?" Cyps get no light once sown. Even very dim light considerably lowers germination. They go in a 100% dark closet until they have completely grown their first year's bud and are ready to be vernalized in the fridge for 3-5 months. A good temperature range is 68-72F. If they don't germinate after a few months, you can put the flasks into the fridge for 3-5 months, then put them back in the dark closet. Sometimes this gets germination.

Hope this helps.




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