Re: Cyp. 'Hildegard' and 'Erika' in flower

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Abgeschickt von Anthony Darby am 23 Mai, 2007 um 11:50:12

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp. 'Hildegard' and 'Erika' in flower von Paul Perakos am 23 Mai, 2007 um 04:03:28:

Quote: "The fact that I didn't kill them in their first bloomless year means they are very easy to grow."

I think you are too modest Paul. Last spring I bought 10 "1-year-away-from-flowering" reginae. I planted them is a large ceramic planter. This year all ten have survived with 21 noses in all. Not sure how many will flower, but a goodly proportion. Curiously, one in the garden has 'disappeared' and another in a specially prepared bed flowered last year, but has a blind shoot this year.


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