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Abgeschickt von Lorna McHardy am 22 Mai, 2007 um 11:43:44

Hello everyone,

I'm about to give this a try, just as soon as I've collected everything I need (I like a challenge...)

From a combination of lots of things I've read (sometimes contradictory enough to give me a headache :0)) and the things I actually have access to, I've come up with the following; does this sound as though it might work?

I have access to an autoclave but no control over the settings; it's normally used to sterilize veterinary surgical instruments and swabs and suchlike and I could use it out of hours... will this do for the flasks?

I don't have a laboratory or the means to invest in stuff like flow cabinets, so I thought I'd make a glovebox, and use the Parvocide solution from work (Virkon) to spray the inside of it... good enough?
My flasks (in autoclave pouches), seeds, and tools would be within the box when I start spraying; then close box, wait 15minutes or so, and sow... right?

For treating the seed before sowing, I've found references to NaHypoclorite, CaHypochlorite, and HydrogenPeroxide... which and for how long? I suspect HydrogenPeroxide may be the easiest to get hold of...

Final question: once sown, how much light, and will room temperature do i.e., can I just sit the flasks in the utility room under a fluorescent bulb; or do they have to go in the fridge?

Any advice appreciated :0)


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