Photos of extraordinary plants (10 a): Cyp.japonicum alba

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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 16 Mai, 2007 um 10:12:12

The pictured plant was found on the island of Shikoku by a farmer. After he died the plant was sold by his son to a nursery on the same island. I don't have to tell that such alba forms are extremely rare in this species.

Personally, I have not grown this species successfully yet. My area is a bit too hot for it, but it survives here. Presently there are few stocks of this alba form around. I don't know of any growers currently with true Cyp. japonicum alba for sale. The one in the picture is not for sale and is a lone specimen. Nobody to my knowledge is producing these from seed in Japan currently. Almost all orchid hobbists are older people and they just don't want to mess around with CITES documents, etc., so there is no interest in exporting plants like this out of Japan.

Occasionally you will see one for sale, but these almost always are poor divisions with little rhizome and root. To wit, such specimens typically go into decline. What's worse is that they usually cost around $1000-1500 a piece even though most won't live. Seed pods of choice plants will not be offered. Japanese growers jealously guard their prized plants and each seed is like gold dust to them I think. As I said, the best possibility would be seedlings, or perhaps entire flasks. Even so, these would no doubt be very expensive, probably $20-$50 per deflasked seedling!


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