Re: Differently coloured flowers on a Cyp. ventricosum

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 15 Mai, 2007 um 12:47:29

Antwort auf: Differently coloured flowers on a Cyp. ventricosum von Anthony Darby am 15 Mai, 2007 um 12:46:26:

Dear Anthony,

I am nearly sure that these are two different plants. I know both forms well, however not from one single plant. Even if you sweared that this plant has developed from one seedling I would nonetheless assume that it had been two seedlings looking like one. Every now and then two seedlings grow so close together in the flask that they seem to be one multiple shooted seedling.

My suggestion is to mark the different flowering shoots and divide the plant in autumn (what I would do anyhow at such a size and denseness of the clump). You should find two rhizome systems mixed together. Perhaps it will be impossible to detach both systems completely (especially in the center part if the clump is well rooted). However you should not find any rhizome connection between the differently flowering shoots. Keep me posted!

Best regards



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