Re: Strange Winter Has Caused Problems

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 29 April, 2007 um 03:28:05

Antwort auf: Strange Winter Has Caused Problems von Paul Perakos am 15 April, 2007 um 21:52:47:

Indeed a strange winter, but my Cyps made it through withouth any problems. My Bletillas seemed to have lost their growth buds on the ones I bothered to dig up and check, but the rhizomes are intact and will likely backbud successfully, and I only lost one Calanthe thus far. My biggest suprise was the devastation my Tricyrtis collection took. Almost all my T. formosana were wiped out entirely and one two foot wide clump were reduced to a few shoots clinging to life. Fortunately they recover much more quickly than orchids and are much less expensive to replace.

Vaughn (Z 6b, PA)


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