Re: Strange Winter Has Caused Problems

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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 16 April, 2007 um 11:44:28

Antwort auf: Strange Winter Has Caused Problems von Paul Perakos am 15 April, 2007 um 21:52:47:

Hey Paul,

The winter here was strange as well, but none of my outside orchids were damaged thankfully. December and January were abnormally warmer (like a continuation of November weather), February was like April, and March and April have been fairly normal, perhaps a bit cool.

What is interesting is that even though we had only two weeks of temperatures that averaged 5°C or lower, all the outdoor Cyps had an adequate rest. Those species include Cyp. formosanum, japonicum and kentuckiense. I was especially surprised the Cyp. kentuckiense could handle such a warm winter in stride.

Sorry to hear of your losses.



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