Strange Winter Has Caused Problems

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 15 April, 2007 um 21:52:47

We've had a very strange winter in NorthEast U.S. this year. First, it was an unusually warm December and January and then it turned bitter cold. Now, the month of April has been actually colder than the first half of January and unfortunately it has taken a heavy toll on my cyps.

I just checked some of my pubescens and I lost about 10 stems to rot. Without the protection of snow, the buds just turned to much on many plants. Unfortunately, I didn't mulch with shredded leaves as I normally do. A few of the plants also got their buds eaten in the fall by mice or squirrels. A few of the plants actually have made small replacement buds that seem to have started growing this spring.

Anyone else having problems and losses? I understand it was a strange winter in Europe as well.



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