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Abgeschickt von Rob Illingworth am 03 April, 2007 um 02:48:09

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium in the open garden ---photos von Ross Kouzes am 30 Maerz, 2007 um 02:38:32:

Ross, the cyps were obtained over the last 10 to 15 years. The biggest ones have been divided several times. I was looking at a picture of the reginae from 4 years ago and it had 14 blooms so it has really grown since them. I remember it had 4 noses when we were given it about 10 years ago.

No cyps were growing here when we started our garden. The first ones came from under power transmission lines and were scheduled to be herbicided. Our plants were all planted in native soil that had never been gardened before. All these plants have produced seed which I have sent to list members and if you would like some get back to me in August and remind me of your interest.

I should follow your advice about trying a few more varieties. I would like to grow Cyp. passerinum. I do have Cyp. 'Gisela' in the garden unprotected over winter so I will be looking for that to emerge.

I will post some more pictures as they flower this spring.



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