Re: Variation in growth rates of Cypripediums

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 02 April, 2007 um 19:03:16

Antwort auf: Variation in growth rates of Cypripediums von Mike Henry am 02 April, 2007 um 02:28:21:

I just grew a reginae and pubescens in pot culture for an orchid show and noticed the exact same thing. The blooms opened days apart unlike when they are outside and they pretty much bloom at the same time with variations for double bloom stems. What it means is the plant is stressed. It can't summon enough strength for the entire plant to grow. The pubescens was 2 weeks from blooming and had buds hardly developed which subsequently rotted. I think this happens when they get too much heat and grow too fast. In pot culture they are best not forced unless you're doing a show or someting and don't care if they die.




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