Re: cultivation of Cyp. yatabeanum

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 14 Maerz, 2007 um 15:47:59

Antwort auf: cultivation of C yatabeanum von Bernd Sommer am 13 Maerz, 2007 um 17:19:23:

Hi Bernd;

Both substrates will work. I use 25% peat, 15% sand and the rest a mixture of pumice, Seramis, perlite and lava. That works wonderful for yatabeanum and guttatum. But I think both other substrates you named will also work. Cyp. yatabeanum isn't too particular. But it likes a bit more moisture so the addition of peat is good (even though it is a strict no-go for most other Cyps!!!).

Best wishes



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